who we are


Theo van der Loo (Guitar/ Bass), Niper Boaventura (Guitar/Bass), Jonathan Correa (Vocals), Raphael Miranda (Drums/Bass) and Jean Dolabella (Drums/Guitar), are experienced musicians from bands such as Diesel/Udora, Sepultura, Reação em Cadeia, Pulldown and Sayowa,and now form EGO KILL TALENT.

The name, a short version of the popular expression “too much ego will kill your talent”, invites for a reflection of the ego, which is a common ingredient in the artistic universe. Following this idea of deconstructing the ego, the band members alternate on the instruments and write all the group’s songs together, focusing on a collective identity as opposed to the individual talents of each member. The sonic result is heavy rock that fills your ears.

Formed in December of 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil, the band’s headquarters is Family Mob Studios, where they recorded the material that will be released in a series of 3 EPs with American producer Steve Evetts, who has worked with artists such as The Cure, Sepultura, The Dillinger Escape Plan, just to name a few. The song “Sublimated” anticipated their first EP, released in November of 2015 which also featured the songs “The Searcher” and “Same Old Story”, as well as an “exposed version” of the title track.

The band’s second EP, “Still Here”, was released in July of 2016, with a music video for the title song “Still Here”. The last EP of the series is planned to be released by the end of 2016. During their live set the band plays the songs from all 3 EPs, bringing the audience a new experience as they have the chance to listen to new songs before their release.

2016 is a very productive year for EKT: the band was on the bill of Lollapalooza Brasil and is currently playing many gigs throughout
the country to support their 3 EPs. The band also performed at the Maximus Festival in Brasil next to Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Disturbed, among others. Internationally EKT is being represented by American agent Ian Fintak of ICM Partners, who is busy arranging tour dates in the USA and Europe for 2017.